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For months, Anne’s been indulging in a porn site that caters to women. She’s even got a favorite model; a hottie who gets her juices flowing every time. Until she finally sees his face—and discovers she’s been jilling off to videos of her lifelong best friend, Chase.

Now Anne can’t even look at him without imagining his big, hard…everything. Worse, she’s just become Chase’s new roommate. How can she possibly keep her hands off all that Grade-A beefcake when it’s within arm’s reach? Does she even have to? A friends-with-benefits arrangement is looking more appealing by the second…

Starting with the world’s dirtiest dance, Anne and Chase’s physical relationship progresses to the point of combustion. However, no-strings is harder than Anne ever imagined. Her lust for Chase is like a drug…but she’ll soon realize other, more complicated emotions are far more potent.